Cruise Tour

Whether you’re looking for a family vacation or just at having a good time with friends, Cruises are a great way to make the most of your holiday. We offer a wide range of holiday cruises suited to all your travel needs, from exciting destinations rich with replete with culture, history & natural beauty to those with plenty of time to leisurely explore the blue seas.

You can choose from the scenic coasts of Australia, the sparkling seas of the Pacific, the tropical islands of the Asia region or the calm waters of the Mediterranean. Zahara Holidays Cruises will connect you to amazing destinations, new experiences and unforgettable memories. Each stop offers its own unique variety of attractions and there are a whole range of onshore excursions available to help you to thoroughly explore each destination.


Offering adventure and relaxation on the high seas cruises are available from a number of Omani and overseas departure points, including a vast number starting from Dubai. We have partnered with a number of reputable cruise lines allowing you to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind that comes with a reputation for excellence

Each cruise line offers its own unique benefits, however, the largest names in the business are all competitive on price, onboard facilities and itineraries. Thus, on the unlikely chance that you get bored of gazing out at the open waters, there are a multitude of onboard activities and entertainment to try. This along with the unbeatable inclusions, bonuses & perks your will find on your vacation, makes it is easy to see why cruising is considered the ultimate holiday.

Save money with our handcrafted package deals that include the cruise, flights, onshore accommodations and tours. Or if you like the idea of our Cruise packages but none of the preset combinations strike your fancy? At Zahara Holidays, we let you take charge when it comes to tailor making your ultimate holiday offering bookings with a range of hotel and airline partners for you to pick from. We have a host of options to suit everyone’s requirements. As soon as you are done with deciding on your cruise itinerary, you have the flexibility and choice to explore the destination where your cruise starts or ends by adding a hotel stay or fly out to somewhere new to extend your vacation there.


So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t tried a cruise holiday yet we promise after exploring this fantastic new experience with Zahara Holidays you will be hooked for life.