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Educational Tours

Inspire your students through global travel by choosing to take them on an expertly guided international tour with Zahara Holidays. Choose from our wide range of culturally immersive experiences or plan your own itinerary. Your dedicated travel advisor will help you design the perfect tour for your group.


International educational tours are a great way for students to get a better exposure towards the diverse world that exists out there and is a great learning experience for them. Many students have never before flown or been away from their parents. On these tours they will manage money, culture shock, and jet lag on their own got to know new people and surprised themselves on more than one occasion.


Range of educational tours


Middle School Tours

Created with the intention to ignite curiosity in middle schoolers, our immersive itineraries help these students find their place in the world.


High School Tours

Expertly crafted to help high-school students get better exposure to the wider world and grow their understanding of different cultures.


Tours for College Students

Add some hands-on learning for college going students by introducing them to practical learning experiences related to their studies in new places and expanding their worldview.


Community Learning Tours

Students can learn a great deal on these service learning tours where they, supervised by their teachers and tour operators working side by side with locals on community-driven projects in Africa, Asia or the Americas.


Language Immersion Tours

At Zahara Holidays we believe that there is no better way to learn a new language, that visit the country where it was born and fall in love with where it’s from and its origin.


Global Leadership Summits

These special events held across the globe combine educational tours with leadership conferences tackle significant global issues and help students build leadership qualities.