Visa Facilitation

Whether you are travelling for vacationing or work, Zahara Holidays’ experts will help you sort out which visas you require for your travels. 


Being one of the leading travel groups in Oman we stay updated with the latest news relating to visas and entry requirements for international travel and can assist you by helping you understand what travel documents will be required for your trip and how to go about in getting them. You should discuss the details of your trip and what travel papers you may or may not require, with your travel advisor to ensure a smooth visit. Our visa facilitation services are simple and straightforward untangling the complex jargon and processes of applying for visas ensuring that our customers get a clear understanding of the requirements, processes and timelines related to those requirements.


Many countries require visitors to get a tourist visa for entry, and we can help you find out if you need one, and make it easy for you to apply for one. Whether you're headed for Skiing in the Alps, exploring Parisian style, taking on the Trans-Siberian or chilling in Bali it's always best to get your visa sorted as soon as you can.


Depending on the country you intend to visit, there are a range of visa options; short and long-term tourist visas; physical or electronic visas; whether you are required to get a visa before travelling or can get a visa on arrival;

It is best to check before planning your trip what if any visas you will require and the processes and timeline of those, lest your trip gets cancelled; Either because you didn't get the appropriate travel papers or based your plans on a faster timeline or find out at the boarding station or immigration counter that yes you did need to get a visa before travelling.
We provide visa facilitation services for people of all nationalities and residencies. So whether you are an Omani citizen thinking about planning an international holiday or just looking for some advise on your travel plans, we've got you covered.
Talk to one of our travel experts today to determine if you require a travel visa for your next international trip and how to go about getting it.